B2B SaaS - 2017
This is an update to an employer's legacy aesthetic I designed in 2017 for a B2B SaaS. Fresh, clean, modern. When we tested this look-and-feel against the same page with the old look applied, users preferred this design four to one.

Comprehensive layout.

B2B SaaS - 2012
I designed this UI in the course of designing the entirety of a B2B SaaS feature we were adding to a C2C social media solution called RentSocial in 2012. 

Screenshot of production version.

C2C Portal - 2007
Obviously a layout more appropriate to the year it was created (2007), I intended this moodboard to convey an upbeat sense of balance and serendipity. I designed every single aspect of this aesthetic. The color scheme, the logo, the layout, the illustrations, and the imagery were all my original designs or choices. I additionally veered into content a little by  writing the wry verbiage in the banner.

Comprehensive layout.

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