B2B SaaS Enhancement - 2018
Prototype I created in 2018 for a B2B SaaS enhancement.

Video overview of Axure prototype.

B2B SaaS Feature - 2017
A prototype I created in 2017 that modeled core functionality of a B2B SaaS.

Video overview of Axure prototype.

The above same prototype being used to validate the direction with a cross-functional stakeholder.

Screen recording of validation session with stakeholder.

B2B SaaS Proof of Concept - 2017
A video I made to introduce the B2B SaaS prototype I created for stakeholders to interact with in 2017.

Overview of POC created in Axure.

EFSS Feature - 2015
Shows a comparison between what I prototyped and what was actually coded into production for an EFSS feature I designed.

Video overview of Axure prototype and comparison to production code.

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