Promotional Video for the Web - 2012
From concept, to 3D animation, to editing, and to the choice of music, I designed and produced this entire clip for Yield Technologies to promote the release of their social media product, RentSocial.

Web video I planned and produced to promote the social media product, RentSocial.

Outtake from the storyboard I sketched to plan this video.

Promotional Flash Animation for Event Kiosk - 2011
In-house assignment for previous employer, Yield Technologies.

Six representational frames from the animation.

Promotional Flash Animation - 2008
Created for freelance client, Latin Street Dancing.
Note the 3D-animated commuter train.

Three representational frames from the animation.

Demo Reel Title Sequence - 1997
A class project that turned into the raucous opening sequence of my demo reel of computer animation coming out of Columbia College in 1997.

Opening sequence of my 1997 demo reel.

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