Coordinated Communication - 2005
Coordinated Communication was a Content Management System PCS built for Humana, currently America’s fourth-largest provider of medical insurance. In 2005, Humana was looking to reconcile and consolidate its various channels of internal communication. PCS was sub-contracted to design and build a solution. Coordinated Communication enabled Humana to improve efficiency and eliminate instances in which one department was telling consumers one thing and another department, something else.
The year 2005 was a different time. Described in Information Architecture for the Web and Beyond, as a time when “many companies employed a one-step process called ‘Code HTML.’ Everyone wanted to jump right in and build the site. People had no patience for research or strategy.”
Such was the context in our industry for my team on-site at Humana HQ in Louisville, Kentucky. The client expected to see results immediately and sketches or diagrams wouldn’t do. Which meant the user interface I was designing and prototyping would come to drive every major decision about the product’s ultimate capability.
This project was a huge success, earning our team an award from Humana and my employer repeat business.
Information Architecture (IA)

This screen became the focal point for the majority of this project’s IA thinking – the kind that is now more commonly approached with research and strategy. We had skipped right to design and implementation. Getting this page to deliver on all the functionality it implied would put us across the finish-line for a 1.0 release. The fact that it all worked out was testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone on my team. A little luck never hurts, either.

Visual Design

Everyone involved in this project agreed that the metaphor I chose early on to unify the overall concept was significant. When I rolled on, a name had already been chosen for the solution we would produce. But I knew it needed something more. What does it look like when people are invited to coordinate their voices? How can we describe it in a way anyone could relate to? A choral performance, I thought. Led by a conductor, of course. Which informed every creative decision I made about the application’s logo, tag-line, and decorative imagery. One Humana, One Voice.

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