Distributed Data Flows - 2018
Distributed Data Flows is a new enterprise product from Cleo Communications that went GA in May of 2018. As the newest and most ambitious offering in the Cleo Integrated Cloud suite of solutions, it has generated the kind of enthusiasm in their market that warrants prominent positioning in the promotional video currently available on their home-page. I designed every important experience in this revolutionary new product, from its overall conceptual model to the core interactions on each of its key screens.
Featured in Corporate Promotional Video
In this 2018 promotional video, Cleo highlights the solution I designed.

Outtake from 2018 Cleo corporate promotional video.

Further outtakes from the video.

Emphasizing Process

Excerpted diagrams from 'User Story Mapping' ( O'Reilly, 2014 ) and 'Lean UX' ( O'Reilly, 2013 ), respectively.

Above all else, this exciting new product is the result of the thoughtful application of process at every stage of its design. From my seat on a cross-functional “Discovery Team,” I evangelized “Lean UX,” successfully keeping this project on course and helping to evolve the design culture at Cleo away from “Implementation-Model design” and “Big Design Up Front.” I also connected leadership’s regard for thought leaders like Marty Cagan and Jeff Patton to the absolute necessity of more and better prototyping. The effect was immeasurable. My prototypes did more to keep this project on schedule than any other single factor. Shared understanding was a constant and exactly zero developer time was wasted when a prototype was available.
UX Design I rendered for this project:
The most satisfying part of being a UX Designer is watching the spark of an idea you scratched into your sketchbook one night grow and evolve into a solution that drives value by solving a problem in an elegant way. Users of Distributed Data Flows access its core functionality on this, the Data Flow Details page. In the below sequence of images, we see this view evolve from my 2017 sketch into a POC, then a prototype I used to validate it and then finally into the beating heart of the production experience.
The core experience of this enterprise product started with this sketch I drew in the spring of 2017.
My next step was building this rough proof-of-concept prototype in Axure for key stakeholders to play with.
Using the feedback I got from the POC, I next built an immersive, ultra-functional Axure prototype, applying the "sketchiness" feature to ensure the stakeholders I was testing it with never mistook it for production code.
Production version of this view
Information Architecture (IA)
I designed this four-section content model to drive a four-part conceptual model. All the IA work I did for this project drove discoverability for the user.

Outtake from content model document.

Interaction Design (IxD)
This highly-functional Axure prototype enabled every stakeholder to experience the enhancement it modeled before a single line of code was written. Including multiple key edge-cases.

Video overview of complex Axure prototype.

This is the followup wireframe for the enhancement shown prototyped in the above video and is typical of the dozens I authored for this project. While prototypes are crucial for promoting clarity, rock-solid wireframes like this drive certainty by formalizing a finish line for your Developers. This is especially necessary for offshore teams.

Outtake from compendious wireframe showing multiple edge-cases.

Visual Design
I sketched layouts for screens like this and directed our Visual Designer in producing high-fi versions.

Screenshot of Activity page in production.

I designed this update to the Cleo legacy aesthetic that test participants preferred by 80% (because we were in MVP, the update was shelved for a later release).

Comprehensive layout showing my proposed visual design treatment.

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