LeaseStar - 2014
By 2013, the property management software firm RealPage had made a number of acquisitions in its industry, inheriting the signature products of each. LeaseStar represented a monumental, year-long, phase-1 effort to merge three of these products into a single, unified, paid, enterprise service.
I effectively designed the entirety of this product’s UX. From its overall conceptual model, to its organization, labeling, and navigation systems, to every one of its workflows. From its look-and-feel to the various tests I wrote to ensure optimal usability. Considering where we started, the scope, the schedule, the political and financial pressures involved, it was no small feat to have produced a 1.0 version in just over a year. I was very lucky to be working with an exceptionally talented and diverse team of engineers, product managers, and QA staff. All of whom were usually, if not always entirely receptive to my “design thinking” evangelism.
My manager was a veteran of Yahoo and together, in what little spare time we had, we mapped out the future of this product’s capability and aesthetic.
Information Architecture (IA)

The strategy report I authored got all of this project’s stakeholders aligned before design and implementation.

Interaction Design (IxD)

When dev requested shorter wireframes, I covered one scenario per page in what I called “storyboard wireframes.”

Visual Design

Clean, elegant, designed for understanding. These were my goals for this enterprise UI. Watch it in action on an iPad.


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