Cleo Portal - 2016
When Cleo Communications moved to iterate their VL Portal solution for the benefit of customers like Target and Ryder in 2016, its user experience topped the list of needed upgrades. Renamed Cleo Portal, this product enables users to interact with Cleo’s on-premise Versalex platform through the Web.
When this project kicked off I had to that point only worked on refining Cleo’s existing products. Cleo Portal was a total re-do. And more likely than others to be used by people who were NOT Cleo customers. This product would enable customers of Cleo’s on-prem Versalex platform to invite their customers to participate in a limited subset of Versalex operations through the Web. Whether the customers’ customers were experienced with such operations or not. There’d be no training, help files, or call center to fall back on for them.
I emphasized this distinction to the team. It had to be self-evident in its purpose and use. And starting over from the ground up was an opportunity to do this.
Cleo was confident enough in the results to feature Cleo Portal in the promotional video on its home-page.
Interaction Design (IxD)

My wireframes ensured complex features like this went to code, passed QA the first time and never needed refactoring.

Information Architecture (IA)

Building accessibility into your product can ensure your customers aren’t denied government contracts. I led the design and implementation of accessibility for Cleo Portal.

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